A taste of the familiar in First World War-era foods

An interview with culinary historians Liz Driver and Bridget Wranich about the upcoming “Recipe for Victory – Great War Food Symposium at Fort York;” focusing on domestic and military cooking. Recipes for Canadian War Cake, Butter Tarts and 'Maccaroni' Cheese are included.

PHOTO: File photo/Postmedia News; Quebec's tarte au sucre, Newfoundland’s lassie tarts, the border tarts of southern Scotland and northern England, and pecan pie from the southern U.S. are all similar pastries, but the butter tart is a unique manifestation of a very simple recipe.
Laura Brehaut/Postmedia News
Originally published on September 12, 2014; Postmedia's First World War Centenary site
Butter tarts, macaroni and cheese, soups and stews – the dishes of First World War-era Canada are still familiar favourites, one hundred years on.
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